Best 4 Wheel Walkers for Seniors

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Looking for the best four wheel walker for your needs and budget? We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and done the research for you.

Whether you need a simple lightweight rollator for around the house, a rough-n-ready all-terrain rollator walker , or something in between, we’ve found the best-in-class products and put them through their paces. Read on to discover which is the best rollator walker for your situation.

Let’s get started with our picks, then we’ll dig deeper into what makes a great rollator…

4 Wheel Walkers For Seniors

Our Top 4-Wheeled Walkers for Seniors

Drive Medical Nitro

Drive Medical NitroBest All Rounder

Drive Medical have consistently been among the best walkers we’ve tested. And it’s no surprise the beautiful “Euro Style” Nitro model is our pick for the best all-round 4-wheel rollator.

The first thing you notice about this rollator walker is the design. It doesn’t look like your granddad’s walker… this thing is another species! Beautiful lines, hidden brake cables, and attention to detail at every turn sets this one apart from all the others.

Out on the road the massive 10-inch front wheels cruise over lumps, bumps, cobblestones, and grass just as easily as smooth pavement. Inside the house it makes light work of even the thickest carpet and gnarliest floor transitions.

At 17.5 pounds it’s not the lightest rollator on the market (they also make a 12 lbs carbon fibre model) but is light enough for most elderly people to lift in and out of a car without too much drama.

And simply by pulling up on the strap of the seat you can collapse the rolling walker and squeeze through small doors and into tiny bathrooms.

Add a cane holder for one side and a cup holder for the other side and you’ve got an all-day go-almost-anywhere rollator sure to turn heads.

Why we like it:

  • Huge 10-inch front castor wheels will roll over just about anything.
  • Seat has a comfortable fabric strap for your back instead of a metal bar.
  • The seat can also be used to carry large items like a suitcase or shopping bags!
  • Brake cables are inside the frame tubes so they don’t get caught on anything.
  • Secure carry bag will fit a large purse.
  • Handle height: 33.5″ – 38.25″
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • Lightweight aluminum frame weighs just 17.5 lbs so it’s easy to travel with.
  • Collapses down with one hand and fits on the backseat of your car.
  • Dare we say… gorgeous design.
  • No assembly required — just take it out of the box and it’s ready to go!

What could be improved:

  • Glides so well on smooth surfaces it might be too fast for some people.
  • Heavier than some other models so might not be suitable for a very small or frail individual.

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Volaris All-Terrain SMART Rollator

Volaris All-Terrain SMARTBest All-Terrain Walker

If you need a walking aid that can get you over even the roughest outdoor terrain – from soft dirt roads, to rocky trails, sand-covered paths, and deep wet grass – and still be nimble enough to fly around the house or through busy airport terminals, then the Volaris outdoor rollator is your best bet.

I’ll warn you up-front, it’s not cheap…

(Some people are shocked when they see the price.)

But if you’ve got the money and appreciate Swedish engineering then I think you’ll love it.

What’s best about this rolling walker is you actually stand “inside” the frame. (Most walkers have you standing behind pushing it in front of you.) This lets you stand up completely straight which can be a life-saver for anyone with back problems or posture issues.

Why we like it:

  • Unique design allows you to stand inside the frame so you stand up straight! (No hunching over pushing it in front of you.)
  • Flexible “comfort” frame keeps all four wheels on the ground and reduces vibration in your hands.
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Cushioned rubber 8 inch tires (front and rear) will go over heavy grass, dirt trails, and tree roots.
  • Lightweight 16 lbs frame folds quickly and fits in most cars.
  • Internal brake cables for safety and sleek style.
  • Space age design oozes quality and feels very youthful.
  • Seat height is adjustable from 18-24 inches to suit most people between 5 and 6 feet tall. (If you’re taller check out the PATROL.)
  • World-class engineering made in Sweden not China like many other brands!

What could be improved:

  • Backrest, basket, and bottle holder are all paid extras.
  • It’s rather expensive… but you get what you pay for, and there’s a reason why everyone rates it 5-stars.

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Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator

Drive Medical AluminumBest Budget Walker

If you’re on a budget and have less than $100 to spend then the best bang-for-buck 4 wheeled walker is the Drive Medical Aluminum model.

While it won’t win any awards for style, it comes with all the basic features you need at a price that’s hard to beat. The 7.5 inch wheels are fine for most everyday errands and roll smoothly. And at just 14 pounds and 23.5 inches wide it’s one of the smallest and lightest walkers with a seat.

Why we like it:

  • Under $100 — cheaper than renting one!
  • Padded seat with storage underneath.
  • Just 14 lbs thanks to the light aluminum frame and smallish wheels.
  • Only 23.5 inches wide so will fit through the smallest of doorways.
  • Small enough to keep on the backseat of the car.
  • Basket and backrest come standard.

What could be improved:

  • 7.5 inch wheels are fine for most indoor use but can struggle on rougher outside surfaces.
  • Seat height is fixed at 20 inches. (If you’re 5’5″ or under your feet might not touch the floor.)
  • Only comes partially assembled.

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ProBasics Transport Rollator

ProBasics Transport RollatorBest Transport Rollator

Sure, walking is great and all. But what if you don’t wanna? Imagine if your rollator also functioned as a transport chair…

Enter the ProBasics Transport Rollator – For about the same price as most regular walkers, you get a 4 wheel walker that also works as a fully functioning “mini wheelchair“. So whenever you get tired of walking you can sit down and have someone push you. Perfect.

Weighing 22 pounds and measuring 24 inches wide this is a sturdy rolling walker that’s still nimble enough to navigate around most standard homes with ease. It’s a little on the heavy side compared to some of the other walkers we’ve looked at, but most people won’t have too much trouble with it.

Why we like it:

  • Doubles as a transport chair so you can get pushed when you’re tired or don’t feel like walking.
  • Footrests fold down to keep your feet comfortably out of the way when being pushed.
  • Large 8-inch wheels with soft tires that don’t leave marks on floors.
  • Lockable hand brakes make sitting down and getting up safe and easy.

What could be improved:

  • Because you sit on the same side as you stand, but move in the opposite direction, this means the “steering” wheels are at the back when you’re seated. So steering can take a little while to get used to.
  • At 22 lbs some seniors might struggle to lift it out of the trunk.
  • The storage basket is fairly flimsy and falls off too easily.

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Why Choose a 4-Wheel Walker?

If you’ve ever used a standard non-wheeled walker you know how difficult they can be to use. With every step you take you’ve got to lift the walker up off the ground, move it forward a few inches, and take a small step… then repeat the process over and over again. It’s slow going and tiring for even the best of us.

A four wheel rollator on the other hand is fast.

In fact, in my surreptitious speed tests of dad moving across the room, he’s 2-3 times faster on the rollator. And he just seems more youthful and happy using it.

A 4-wheel walker gives you a nice stable base to walk with. And you usually get a nice comfy seat and storage compartments that make them perfect for longer outings and shopping trips.

Modern designs are relatively light-weight, fold down to fit in the backseat or trunk of a car, and are just as comfortable in the house as they are zipping around a busy airport terminal.

The Negatives

The extra stability you get, and the addition of a seat and more storage, means they’re a little heavier and slightly less maneuverable than a 3-wheel rollator.

What To Look For

With so many products flooding the market — many from unknown Chinese manufacturers — it can be overwhelming to wade through all the different options. But if you stick with quality brands you generally can’t go too far wrong. I’ve bought a couple of cheap walkers in the past, trying to save a buck, and they just aren’t very good.

Here’s what we look for in a quality rollator:

Aluminum or Carbon Fibre Frame

Aluminum and carbon fibre provide the best combination of strength and longevity while keeping the weight low. However just because a product is made of one of these materials does not guarantee it’s quality. Look for products that come with long (preferably lifetime) warranties on the frame, and a track record of sticking by that warranty.

Comfortable Seat & Backrest

If you’re going to use the walker for any length of time a seat can be a really handy thing to have. Sometimes you can get tired or experience pain at the worst possible moment, and having a seat right in front of you at all times could be the difference between having a fall or not. And when you’re not using the seat, it acts as a handy place to stash the shopping, your suitcase, or the grandkids.


Most walkers are designed to adjust for an “average” height person, which usually means around 5 – 6 foot tall. (As always, it pays to double-check the specific model you’re looking at to see what the manufacturer advises.) If you’re over 6ft then you’ll need to look at a taller walker. And if you’re under 5ft then you’ll want to go for a petite walker.

Folding Action

Some walkers close side to side, while others fold front to back. In my experience the side to side action is much more user friendly because it allows you to shrink the walker down and still be able to roll through tight passages. Side-closing walkers are also more likely to stand upright when compacted, allowing you to stash them behind your chair in a restaurant without having to lean on anything.

Weight Capacity

250 pounds is pretty standard as the maximum weight capacity for most walkers, but some can handle significantly more than this. Double check the manufacturers description if you are close to this limit or are unsure. If you weigh more than 300 pounds you might want to look at a heavy duty walker to ensure you get all the support you need.

Wheel Size & Tire Material

When it comes to wheels, bigger is usually better. Large wheels more easily roll over bumps and cracks and generally give a smoother ride. They’re also less likely to get stuck on something in your path and cause a fall.  8-10 inches is excellent. For the tires, you want relatively soft rubber for maximum grip because harder plastic ones tend to slip.

Warranty & Return Policy

If you’re spending a couple of hundred dollars on a walker you want to have the peace of mind knowing the company you buy it from has your back should anything go wrong. This is one of the reasons we trust well-known brands such as Drive Medical who give you a lifetime warranty. On top of this, Amazon and most of the sellers on their site offer 30-day returns should the product not work out for you, which is good to know!

Simple Easy Hand Brakes

You want brakes that are easy to apply even for people with limited strength in their hands and can be locked for safety when you’re not moving. Brake cables that go inside the frame are highly recommended for both safety and aesthetic reasons. You don’t want them catching on something as you’re walking!

Storage Options

Depending on how you plan on using your new walker, lack of storage might be a deal killer. You’ll obviously need more storage on a mobility aid you want to take shopping than one for cruising around the house. Take careful note of the overall size, location, and accessibility of the various bags and pouches on the walker. Some models require you remove the storage in order to fold them so be aware of this if you’re going to be traveling often.

Style & Feel

Finally, there’s the look and “feel” of the walker. Looks may or not be important to you, but once you’ve taken a quality walker for a spin you might wonder how you ever did without it. Better engineering and attention to the little details means the folding walker will roll smoother, fold easier, and brake with more confidence. Not to mention get more admiring glances and questions.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, the results of our extensive research into the best four wheel walkers and rollators for seniors. I hope it helps you find the perfect walker. If you have any questions or are still unsure feel free to contact me and I’ll help out as best I can.

Happy walking!