Best Tall Walkers For Seniors 2024

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Vive Upright Walker

vive talk walker
  • User up to 6' 5"

  • 8" Front Wheels

  • User up to 300 Pounds

  • Hidden brake cables

Best All-Around

Drive Medical   Nitro

Drive Medical RTL10266BK-T Nitro Foldable Rollator Walker with Seat, Tall Height, Black
  • User up to 6' 8"

  • 10" Front Wheels

  • Brake cables are hidden


Carex Crosstour

Carex Crosstour Rolling Walker Rollator - Rolling Walker with Seat - Folding, Euro Style Rollator, 4 Wheel Walker for Seniors- 300lb Capacity, Walker with Seat for Seniors

Budget Friendly

  • User up to 6' 4"

  • 8" Front Wheels

  • Nice price! 

If you’re over 6 feet tall then you’ve probably struggled to find a tall rollator walker that you can comfortably use. It sure is not easy to find good tall walkers.

When researching tall walkers for seniors we found that most common models do not extend enough for a tall person to use without having to hunch over.

Others are simply too unstable when fully extended to use with confidence.

And if you’re 6’4″ or more your options are extremely limited.

In fact, in all my research I found only a few tall walkers suitable for someone this tall.

There was one walker that was not included here because it was unstable when used on uneven surfaces.

That is why it is so hard to find an extra tall walker because the wheel base has to increase for safety and stability the higher the walker.

Then of course extending the wheel base can only go so far before you start running into narrow doorway issues.

Here’s what I discovered after hours of researching and testing different walkers for tall people

In a hurry or don’t feel like reading? The special Tall version of the Vive Foldable Walker is the model we chose. (If you’re up to 6’5″ this is a good option for you.)

It is a tall walker with a good price point and is light, easy to transport.

Click here to see it on Vive Health:

tall walker

What are tall walkers?

Tall walkers are specially designed mobility aids for seniors and individuals with limited mobility who are taller than average. These walkers have adjustable height settings to provide proper support and stability for taller individuals, ensuring comfortable and safe walking assistance.

Top Walkers for Tall People

Vive Tall Foldable Walker

vive talk walker

Vive Health has built a reputation for being an affordable online source for quality medical equipment.

They sell their products through Amazon and also through their website where they give their customers a 100% satisfaction and Lowest Price Guarantee.

Oh, did I mention FREE shipping for orders over $39!

Why we like it:

  • 17.5 inch wide seat
  • Able to safely service users up to 300 pounds
  • Only needs to have front wheels snapped in for tool-free assembly
  • For users from up to 6′ 5″

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Tall

Drive Medical RTL10266BK-T Nitro Foldable Rollator Walker with Seat, Tall Height, Black
Drive Medical makes some of the slickest-looking and highest-rated rollators on the market.

And their specialist entry into the tall walker category is no exception.

It’s got an adjustable handle that goes from 36 inches up to a huge 41 inches — making it the only walker I’ve found suitable for someone well over 6 feet tall.

The handles adjust with the press of a button. At the highest setting it will accommodate someone up to around 6’8″, depending on your exact measurements.

And at the lowest setting my 5’5″ mother had no problems using it.

The combination of the lightweight aluminum frame (17.5 pounds), narrow width (23 inches), and large wheel size (10 inch front castors) make this folding rollator walker a breeze to zip around with.

We started around the house and didn’t have to move a single piece of furniture.

Popped it in the car for a doctors appointment and had no problems there.

Then went for a walk along the foreshore and it handled the bumpy planks on the walkway without a hitch.

And not that style is everything, but we got more compliments and questions about where to get one in the first hour of testing than any other walker for tall person we’ve used.

Why we love it:

  • Tallest available rollator walker with a max hand grip height of 41 inches!
  • Large 10 inch front castor wheels work great indoors and out. (Cruises over half inch bumps in the sidewalk.)
  • Seat is surprisingly comfortable even if you’re at the max weight of 300 pounds.
  • Removable zippered storage compartment.
  • Brake cables are inside the frame so they never get caught on anything.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame looks great and can be folded with one hand. (Plus it fits easily in the trunk of a car.)
What could be improved:
  • When seated, the handles are a touch narrow, so if you’ve got particularly wide shoulders they might touch.
  • The Drive Universal cup holder does not work with this model.
The bottom line was the best of the tall walkers for seniors we reviewed, and frankly the only suitable option for anyone 6’4″ and up.

Graham-Field Lumex Allura LX Rollator with Seat

This is truly a tall walker with a stylish design, making it a perfect marriage of form and function.

Why we like it:

  • Safer outdoor mobility because of the 8 inch wheels.
  • tall walker with a seat
  • The padded seat is 18 inches wide which is a little wider than standard rollators.
  • for users between 6’2″ and 6’8″ tall
  • It can support a person that weighs up to 300 pounds.
  • Hand brake has a locked “parking brake” mode that are applied before sitting.
  • The light tubular aluminum frame makes it easy to use and carry.
What could be improved:
  • The cane holder should be improved to accommodate a heavy walking cane.
PDF Product Brochure

Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker

Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker Are you on a budget, or just need a basic walker?

The Drive Medical Deluxe adjusts up to an impressive 39 inches, making it one of the most cost-effective options for taller elderly people.

At just 7.5 pounds and 24 inches wide we had no problem navigating around the house, even our smallest bathroom was easily accessible.

(Hot tip: You can install the front wheels in the inside of the frame to shave another few inches off the overall width.)

It folds and unfolds easily simply by pressing on the red release buttons.

And despite the light weight it felt really sturdy during all of our outings.

Why we like it:

  • Super lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Good quality 5 inch wheels that don’t leave marks on the floor.
  • One of the cheapest walkers on the market!
  • Perfect as a second walker for around the house.
What could be improved:
  • The rear leg sliders can drag a bit on some carpet so you might want to get some Ski Glides.

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Folding Walker

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Folding WalkerWith a max handle height of 39 inches and a wide space between the handles, the HD walker from OasisSpace is a great option for taller and heavier people.

Supporting up to 500 pounds, with a wide frame and double 5-inch wheels on the front legs, this is an extremely sturdy unit suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Despite the size and strength it still folds down flat for easy transportation.

And because of the light alloy frame it only weights about 8 pounds.

We had no problem lifting it up steps or getting it onto the back seat of the car.

Why we like it:

  • Wide frame perfect for larger people or those with broad shoulders.
  • Height-adjust from 31-39 inches.
  • FDA approved.
  • Heavy duty weight capacity up to 500 pounds.
  • Vibrant color that does away with the old “recycled shower curtain rod” look of the past.
What could be improved:
  • Some people have troubles with the ski glides falling out.
  • The wider frame makes it a little tough to maneuver in tight spaces.

Carex Crosstour Rolling Walker Rollator

Carex Crosstour Rolling Walker Rollator - Rolling Walker with Seat - Folding, Euro Style Rollator, 4 Wheel Walker for Seniors- 300lb Capacity, Walker with Seat for Seniors

Another “Euro” style walker, the Crosstour from Carex is suitable for people up to about 6’4″.

Similar in design to the Nitro (although not quite as nice and lacking some of the finer details ) the Crosstour is a solid option if you’re looking for a 4-wheel rollator but find the Nitro a little out of your price range.

The handles adjust from a max of 38 inches down to 34 inches — a 4-inch range for those counting — so it will fit most average to above-average height people.

Why we like it:

  • Lightweight 14 pound foldable frame fits in the trunk easily.
  • 8-inch wheels front (6 inch rear) go over cracks and bumps without jolting.
  • Seat with backrest is quite comfortable for short sits.
  • Water-resistant nylon pouch for safe keeping of personal items.
  • Stays standing when folded.
What could be improved:
  • The storage bag gets in the way when folding closed, especially if you have things in there.
  • 38 inch handles means it’s only good for people up to about 6’4″ — if you’re taller check out the Drive Medical Nitro earlier in this article.
  • Took about an hour of trial and error to put it together. (Pay special attention to how the cables and wheels are supposed to go!)

Tall Rollator Walker

Lumex Allura LX Tall Rollator with Seat - A Stylish Rolling Walker with Large 8" Wheels - Black, LX5000LXBK
  • STYLISH MODERN DESIGN: attractive, high-end design looks and feels like a modern mobility solution.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: lightweight aluminum frame and fabric seating reduce the total weight to 19.1 pounds, while supporting up to 300 pounds.
  • COMFORTABLE: 18" seat is wider than standard rollator walkers and is lightly padded for comfort.
  • VERSATILE: ergonomic handgrips adjust at the push of a button from 37-42" high; quickly folds to only 13" wide for storage or travel.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: large 8" smooth-rolling casters, quick-stop locking brakes, removable storage pouch, built-in cane holder.

What To Look For in a Tall Walker



Rollators usually have adjustable handles, while standard walkers have adjustable legs.

Either way you’re looking for something with at least 38 inches of reach from the floor to the handles.

Most walkers average just 36″ which means if you’re over about 5’10” you have to hunch to use them, which is not only uncomfortable but bad for your back/neck and potentially dangerous because it puts you in an awkward position.

Large wheels

Without getting too deep into a physics lesson, tall people have a higher centre of gravity than shorter people.

This makes them more susceptible to falls.

And small wheels are more likely to get stuck on rocks, thick carpet, or cracks in the road.

So you want the largest wheels possible.

For a rollator, look for wheels at least 8 inches. And for a front-wheel walker, don’t go any smaller than 5 inches.

Sufficient weight-bearing capacity

Tall people tend to be heavier than their shorter counterparts, so it’s important to pay attention to the weight limit of the products you’re looking at.

250-300 pounds is pretty standard but if you’re heavier you might need to look at a heavy duty or bariatric walker.

How to fit yourself for a walker – Infographic


 how to fit yourself for a walker infographic

How To Fit Yourself For a Tall Walker

You can measure yourself for both a walker and a rollator in the same way:

  • Put on your regular walking shoes.
  • Stand upright with your arms hanging naturally at your sides.
  • Have someone measure from the ground up to your wrist.
  • This measurement (in inches) is the correct handle height for you.
  • Choose a walker with a handle height that is one inch below and one inch above this measurement.

Types of Tall Walkers

There are several different types of tall walkers available for seniors, each with their own unique features and benefits.

Some of the most common types include:

Standard tall walker: This is the most basic type of tall walker, and typically features four legs, a crossbar for support, and a set of handgrips. They are often adjustable in height and can be folded for storage and transportation.

Rolling tall walker: Also known as a rollator, this type of tall walker has wheels on the back legs, which makes it easier to navigate over uneven surfaces. It also often includes brakes and a seat for resting.

Heavy-duty tall walker: This type of tall walker is designed for larger individuals or those with a higher weight capacity. It has a wider base and is made with stronger, more durable materials.

Bariatric tall walker: Similar to the heavy-duty tall walker, this type of tall walker is designed for individuals who are bariatric or have a higher weight capacity. It has a wider base and is made with stronger, more durable materials.

Transport tall walker: This type of tall walker is designed to be easily transported and stored. It often has smaller wheels and a more compact design than other types of tall walkers.

Folding tall walker: This type of tall walker is designed to be easily folded for storage and transportation. They can be adjusted to the appropriate height for the user and include brakes for extra safety It’s important to note that these are some of the most common types of tall walkers and that features can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist before making a decision.

In Summary…

There really are only a few good walkers available designed for people 6 feet tall and over.

In short: (pun intended!)

  • If you’re looking for a rollator (or are 6’4″+) then the Drive Medical Tall Nitro is king of the hill with it’s 41″ max handle height.
  • If the Nitro is out of your budget for a rollator then the Carex Crosstour is a solid runner up.
  • If you just want a basic walking frame then the Drive Medical Deluxe represents good value for money with a 39″ max handle.
  • Or if you’re on the heavy side and need a heavy duty walker then the OasisSpace HD gives you a maximum 39″ handle height and can support up to 500 pounds.
Let me know which one you choose!


Tall walkers are relatively easy to maintain, they typically only require regular cleaning and checking the wheels, brakes and other moving parts for proper function. It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance instructions.

Some tall walkers are designed to be easily folded for storage and transportation, making them suitable for travel. However, it’s always best to check with the airline or other mode of transportation regarding their specific guidelines for traveling with a tall walker.

Most tall walkers are not designed to be used on stairs, and using them to climb stairs can be dangerous. If a senior needs to use the stairs, it is recommended to use a stair lift or to have someone assist them.

The weight capacity of a tall walker can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, but most standard tall walkers have a weight capacity of around 300 lbs. However, some heavy-duty or bariatric models can have a higher weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist before making a decision.

The main benefit of using a tall walker is that it provides additional support and stability for seniors, which can help them maintain their independence and mobility. Tall walkers also help to reduce strain on the back, shoulders, and arms by allowing the user to adjust the height of the handgrips to the appropriate level for their body.

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