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outdoor mobility scooters


Get more information on the best

outdoor mobility scooters for seniors by

clicking here!



upright walkers for seniors


Take a step towards better mobility with

upright walker reviews,

by Walker for Seniors!



walkers for tall people


Don’t let your height hold you back!

Check out our

walkers for tall seniors!



Product Reviews



nova mighty mack


Discover the benefits of this

heavy-duty bariatric walker with our informative review.

Click here!



Upwalker Lite


Looking for a high-quality, sturdy, and lightweight upright walker?

Look no further!

You have to check this one out!



nova walker


A solid upright walker.

At a reasonable price!

Check out the Nova Phoenix Upright Walker!





aging in place services


Aging in Place Services:

Discover the many services that are available to seniors who are “Aging in Place”.



aging in place technology

Aging in Place Technology:

Technology is enabling seniors to “Aging in Place” more safely and economically.




What To Do After Falling In the Shower:

It is much better to be proactive about fall prevention than to be sorry later.


senior resources

Senior Resources:

Time and money saving resources for seniors

Flying with a rollator:

Flying with your rollator for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t know what the rules and normal procedures are.

Rollator Walker Safety
Download your free rollator walker safety handout!

10 reasons for using a walker

10 Reasons for Using a Walker:

Most are happier and more confident due to their increased mobility when using a walker.

how to use a cane

How to Use a Cane:

Seems simple enough.



How to Choose a Walker:
Are you looking to purchase a walker, but aren’t sure which one to buy?

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