4 Wheel Walkers For Seniors

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4 Wheel Walkers For Seniors

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Diane Ciancanelli Senior Editor

Diane Ciancanelli MHL RN PEL CSN CVHT is a licensed registered nurse, licensed professional educator and formerly CCRN certified as a critical care nurse at Rush University Medical Center. Diane has been involved in unit committees which include infection control, staffing, quality assurance, and fall prevention measures.

Questions?: diane@walkerforseniors.com.

John Ciancanelli Senior Writer

John is a researcher and writer for WalkerForSeniors.com. He earned the Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist designation through Age Safe America. The Age Safe America organization is an AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) approved provider. His passion is writing helpful articles of interest to seniors, and in a small way touching their lives.

Questions?: john@walkerforseniors.com.