3 Wheel Walkers for Seniors

3 Wheel Rollator Walkers for Seniors

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Three wheel walkers are the ideal solution for seniors who need a lightweight rollator that can negotiate narrow passages.

The triangular layout of the wheels lets them make tighter turns than the traditional four wheel model. And their compact design allows them to fold down and store just about anywhere. Three wheel walkers are light enough to easily lift into your car, so they’re perfect for elderly people on the go.

Sounds great… but how do you choose the right one?

We’ve gone ahead and saved you valuable time by thoroughly researching the current products on the market and creating this information guide.

In a hurry or don’t feel like reading? The NOVA Traveler is the perfect walker for maneuvering in tight spaces, folds in seconds, and stays in a folded position so it’s easy to park anywhere. It comes with a tray, zippered storage pouch, and walker basket. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

3 Wheel Walkers for Seniors

If you’re not sure that a 3-wheel walker is right for you, check out our Definitive Guide to Walkers for Seniors.

Our Best 3-Wheel Rollator Walkers for Seniors

NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker

NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Right at the top of the list with hundreds of positive reviews online is the Nova Traveler.

This bad boy features 8-inch all-terrain wheels to give you a super smooth ride on virtually any surface. They’re large enough to go over large cracks in the sidewalk with ease and greatly reduce the risk of tripping.

It’s lightweight, coming in at just 16 lbs, so it’s easy to whiz around. And getting it in and out of a car boot or up and down small steps is a breeze. It folds down and opens up easily in just a few seconds.

Plus the design is nicer than most other models and it comes in a variety of colors to suit every taste.

Other reasons we love the Nova Traveler:

  • Feather-touch hand brakes for maximum control.
  • Comfort molded durable hand grips.
  • Folds up in seconds and stays standing when folded so it’s easy to roll, park, and st.
  • Removable front wire basket with removable tray.
  • Removable large zippered storage compartment.

Nova walkers are built to last a lifetime. They are backed by the best warranty in the industry — you get a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the frame and 5 Warranty on the Brakes. Nova has been making mobility aids for over 26 years and are based in Carson, California.

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Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Aluminum Three Wheel Rollator

Drive Medical Winnie Lite Our second favorite 3 wheeler is the Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme.

Often found under $100, this stripped-down rolling walker weighs just 11 pounds and has a weight-bearing capacity of 300 pounds!

One of the biggest complaints about most walkers, and one of the reasons people stick with a cane longer than they probably should, is their weight and bulk. A mobility aid isn’t much use if it’s too heavy to practically use on a daily basis!

That’s where the Winnie Lite Supreme comes in. Light, foldable and narrow walker, it fits comfortably on the back seat of most cars and can be easily lifted by even a small child. This makes it the perfect stepping stone from a cane that provides much more stability without the hassles of a full-size bulky walker.

It has 7.5-inch wheels with soft-grip tires that will make easy work of most indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Reasons to choose the Winnie Lite Supreme:

  • Priced under $100.
  • Lightweight at only 11 pounds.
  • Good size carry pouch for personal items.
  • Easy to fold with one hand.

Drive Medical are one of the most well-respected names in mobility aids, serving the market since 2000. Their walkers come with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees the product is free of fault.

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Carex 3 Wheel Walker

Carex 3 Wheel Walker The Carex 3 Wheel Walker is another good lightweight option weighing just 12 pounds.

With 7-inch wheels that roll smoothly and turn on a dime you’ll be walking confidently around the neighborhood once again.

We love the deep carry storage bag that features built-in pouches for your phone, purse, wallet, and ID card. Plus it has ample room for the shopping.

The height adjustable handles go from 31.75 – 38 inches making it suitable for most people in the five to six foot range. (To check your sizing, put your walking shoes on and measure from the ground up to your wrist.)

Reasons we like the Carex 3 Wheeler:

  • Quick-collapse for easy transport or storage with the click of a button.
  • Lightweight 12 pound rollator so you can lift it in and out of the car.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Locking brakes.

Carex have been around for over 35 years and the 3 Wheel Walker comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you can invest with peace of mind.

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Lumex 3-Wheel Cruiser

Lumex 3-Wheel Rounding out our top picks of three-wheel walkers is the Lumex Cruiser.

Made of lightweight aluminum and hitting the scales at just 11 pounds this is a classy little unit with over 100 5-star reviews on Amazon. Significantly lighter and smaller than a regular 4-wheel rollator the Lumex folds easily and fits on the backseat or trunk of almost any car.

Why we love the Lumex Cruiser:

  • Large 8-inch wheels cruise over even the thickest carpet with ease.
  • Handles are positioned within the rear wheels which means no tipping.
  • Collapses easily and is light enough for my 91 year old auntie to lift!
  • Sleek design available in a number of colors.
  • Oversize carry bag fits a bunch of shopping.
  • Costs less than $100.

The Lumex comes with a limited lifetime warranty and when you buy from Amazon you will usually get FREE shipping and easy returns.

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Why Choose a 3-Wheel Walker?

While four wheel walkers are by far the most popular products on the market, their three wheel counterparts are much more maneuverable and significantly lighter. This makes them perfect for people who just need a little helping hand getting around and don’t need the full support that four wheels provides.

These are often the perfect stepping stone for someone who needs more assistance than a cane provides but doesn’t yet want to commit to a heavy four wheel rollator.

Typically weighing between 11 and 16 pounds they are light enough for most people well into their 90’s to lift in and out of a car. And this folding walker down small enough to fit snugly on the backseat of a Mini Cooper.

With a tighter turn radius than a 4-wheeler they are particularly good indoors or in crowded outdoor areas like shopping malls where you need to be able to change directions quickly.

The Negatives

Life is full of compromises and choosing a 3 wheeled walker is no exception!

The extra maneuverability you get by removing the fourth wheel means you give up some stability. So a 3-wheeler is not a good choice if you need a lot of support or have significant balance issues. In those cases you’re better off investing in a solid 4-wheel rollator like the Drive Medical Nitro.

And the layout of the wheels means there isn’t room for a seat. So if you’re planning long outings and need to rest often then you’re best skipping the three wheel option.

What To Look For

Not all walkers are created equal. We spent significant time reviewing the leading products on the market and bringing you only the best products that meet our strict criteria.

Here’s what we looked for:

Strong Lightweight Frame

The frame is the core of your triangle walker and the most important component. Most quality products are made of aluminum or carbon fiber and come with a lifetime warranty because the manufacturer knows they will last a lifetime. Generally speaking the lighter the better, however a little bit of weight can add to the feeling of stability and control.

Weight Capacity

We only considered walkers with a weight-bearing capacity of at least 250 lbs. Any less than this and you have to question the quality of the materials and design. If you weigh much more than this you are best off looking at heavy duty four wheel walkers because they will give you more support and the addition of the fourth wheel adds significantly to the stability of the product.

Easy Reliable Locking Brakes

Possibly the most critical part of any rollator is the braking system. You want brakes that are first and foremost reliable so you know you can count on them in any situation. Secondly you want brakes that are easy to use even if you don’t have a lot of strength in your hands. And finally you want brakes that can be locked so you can lean on the tri walker without worrying about it shooting out from under you.

Useful Storage

Without sufficient storage you have to resort to doing things such as hanging shopping bags from the handlebars of your walker. This can be dangerous because it unbalances the rolling walker and can increase the likelihood of a fall. So you want to make sure you have enough storage capacity to carry your ID, purse/wallet, a small load of shopping, and anything else you regularly need to transport with you.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, our full run down of the top 3-wheel walkers for seniors.

Of all the products we looked at, the Nova Traveler gets our vote. The large full rubber wheels are the best in class and provide the smoothest and most consistent rolling, both indoor and out. It’s lightweight enough to take anywhere and stays vertical when folded so it’s never in the way. And it has the best storage capability too.

Let me know which one you choose and how it works for you!

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