Narrow Walkers for Seniors

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[toc] There’s no better feeling than getting your independence back thanks to a rolling walker. But if the one you’ve got is too bulky or wide to use comfortably then you’re not going to use it as much as you should. A big bulky walker that makes you feel old is of little help if it’s not getting used! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a smaller, lighter, narrow walker you’ll actually want to use. There are several narrow walkers to choose from whether you’re looking for a standard walker, front-wheeler, or 4-wheel rollator, we’ve done the research and found the best-in-class products for you.

In a hurry or don’t feel like reading? The Able Life Space Saver Walker is our #1 pick for the best narrow walker on the market right now. It weighs only 7.5 pounds, supports up to 400 pounds, and can compress from 22″ to just 7″ to fit through even the tightest passages. Click here to check it out on Amazon.
Narrow Walkers For Seniors

Best Narrow Walkers for Seniors

Why does a narrow walker matter anyway?

Until you’ve actually used some of the regular walkers on the market you don’t realize just how big and heavy some of them are. They barely fit through a normal-size doorway. They’re difficult for an elderly person to lift into a car. You’ve got to rearrange the furniture just to get where you need to go. And forget about turning around in a small bathroom. So even though they work extremely well, they can be inconvenient to use at the best of times. A narrow walker on the other hand is small and light enough that it fits right into your daily life without any inconvenience.

narrow walker for seniors
If you have narrow doorways, a narrow walker just may do the trick!

Why get a Narrow Walker?

Here are some of the reasons to get a narrow walker or narrow rollator:

  • You want a second walker just for using around the home. (Helps you navigate smaller rooms and get around furniture easily.)
  • You want a travel walker you can take anywhere, knowing it’ll never get in the way or be a nuisance.
  • You want more support than a cane but aren’t yet old enough to need a big bulky rollator.
  • You need a mobility device that is convenient to store.
  • You need a narrow walker for small doorways
  • When a senior person has a weak grip or is recovering from an injury, the narrow walker is easier to maneuver.

Best Narrow Walkers For Seniors

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3 Wheel Vive Walker

The Vive walker’s unique three-wheel design provides easy maneuverability in crowded venues and narrow spaces. Its compact foldable design enables convenient storage and can be easily transported in your trunk or even in the backseat of most cars, allowing you to take it wherever you go.

The lightweight and durable aluminum frame is corrosion-resistant and can safely support up to 250 pounds, so it is both durable and reliable. The adjustable handle height feature allows for a customized fit and provides maximum comfort. The secure hand brakes make maneuvering inclines and tight corners a breeze, while also providing the option to lock the wheels for extra stability and security when needed. Lastly, the Vive 3-wheeled walker includes a convenient storage bag that can safely hold essential items such as a purse or wallet, electronic devices, medications, and more.

Its versatile features and reliable performance make the Vive 3-wheeled walker an ideal choice for individuals seeking enhanced mobility and convenience.

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Why we love it:

  • Comes with the Vive “Lowest Price Guarantee”
  • Lightweight at only 11 pounds
  • Its 3 wheel design makes it very maneuverable
  • Reasonably priced

What could be improved:

  • This model does not have a seat
  • Not the choice for those over 250 pounds

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Vive Folding Walker

Vive Folding WalkerIf you’re on a budget or just need a simple, no-frills, standard walker that will help you get around then the Vive Folding Walker is one of the better options available. At just 6 pounds it’s light enough for most elderly people to handle with ease. And the four solid legs make it extremely sturdy – with zero chance of it rolling out from under you. The 23 inch wide point allows you to navigate through almost all doors without issue. What sets the Vive apart from other standard walkers is the addition of the optional wheels. This turns the standard walker into a front-wheel walker and can help you get around a little easier because you don’t have to fully lift up the walker with every step.

Why we love it:

  • 23 inches at the widest point and weighs just 6 pounds to get through small spaces.
  • Adjustable height in one-inch increments between 33″ to 40″ making it suitable for a wide range of people.
  • Comes with a small storage bag for personal items.
  • 5 inch wheels included so you can turn it into a front-wheel walker for extra mobility.

What could be improved:

  • Only comes with a 60-day guarantee.
  • Some people report it can be a little difficult to close. (We didn’t have any trouble.)
  • The handgrips can get a little uncomfortable after extended use.

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Able Life Space Saver Walker

Able Life Space Saver The world’s smallest folding narrow walker, you have to see the Space Saver Walker in real life to truly appreciate just how compact it is. Its a great narrow walker for small doorways! Fully expanded, it will fit through tiny 22-inch narrow doorways and other tight spaces. When folded down it takes up about the same amount of space as two canes. And you can quickly adjust its width with a simple pressure on the handle. Small enough to sit on the front seat of your car for easy access. Plus it stands upright when folded so will tuck neatly behind your seat at a restaurant. (It also comes in a beautiful “regal rose” pink color which we looked at in our Pink Walker Shootout.) If you’ve been hesitant to use a mobility aid because of their bulk and awkwardness – or you’re looking for a second walker that’s more suitable for travel — then you cannot beat this one. [su_youtube url=”” responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”] Why we love it:

    • Just 22 inches wide at the wheels when fully expanded.
  • It’s a narrow walker with wheels!
  • You can make it narrower as you walk and it still supports you.
  • Folds down to a staggering 4 inches with a simple pressure on the handle! (Fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane.)
  • The wheels and gliders will get you over cracked sidewalks, rubble, and shag carpet with ease.
  • Stylish minimalistic design barely feels like you’re using a walker.
  • Weighs only 7.5 pounds so it’s light enough to take anywhere.

What could be improved:

  • The ultra compact form means there’s no storage or seat.
  • Depending on your gait the crossbar might get in the way of your knees.

Overall this is our #1 pick if you’re looking for the most compact lightweight walker.

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Drive Medical Four Wheel Aluminum Rollator

Drive Medical Four Wheel RollatorIf you’re looking for all the support of a regular 4-wheel rollator but still need to maneuver in tight places then the aluminum model from Drive Medical is a tidy little unit. With a total width of just 23.5 inches it will breeze through the smallest standard interior door in most residential homes. And the aluminum frame brings the weight right down to just 17.9 LBS (compared to 20 LBS or more for a similar steel rollator) so it’s fairly easy to lift and transport. Plus it folds easily with one hand simply by pulling up on the strap under the seat. But keep in mind it won’t stand by itself when folded. So when not in use you have to to lean it on something, lay it down, or just keep it in the open position. [su_youtube url=”” responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”] Why we love it:

  • Total width of 23.5 inches easily fits through a small 24 inch doorway.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame weighs just 17.9 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • Padded seat which doubles as a handy place to store shopping bags or your plate at the buffet!
  • 7.5 inch castor wheels make easy work of rough terrain, grass, or carpet.
  • Small zippered pouch under the seat suitable for personal items.

What could be improved:

  • Cup holder is available as an add-on but really should be standard.
  • Doesn’t stand when folded.

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Zler Aluminum Walker

The Zler narrow folding walker is a great choice when looking for a narrow walker for small doorways. This narrow walker has a height adjustment from 30″ all the way to 37″ in one-inch intervals.

Its width is also adjustable from 18″ to 22″.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs just under 6 pounds (2.7 Kg).
  • Comfortable contoured hand grips for extended use
  • Can support someone up to 300 pounds.
  • Has 5-inch wheels for extra stability and mobility.

What could be improved:

  • Only comes with a 60-day guarantee.
  • A small number have reported it to be a little wobbly.

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Walker or Rollator?

As you can see, this list includes standard walkers, front-wheel walkers, and 4-wheel rollators. Which one is right for you? A standard or front-wheel walker is going to be the smallest and lightest option, but they require a little more strength and coordination to use. Whereas a rollator gives you a lot more support at the expense of more bulk. If you’re still not sure what type of walker is right for you, be sure to check out our Best Walkers For Seniors.

Any Negatives?

The main drawback to a narrow walker is you give up a little stability over their wider counterparts. (Generally speaking the wider the gap between the legs of the walker the more sturdy it’s going to be.) And by focusing on making the product smaller and lighter there is obviously less room for storage and accessories. But as you can see from the products we’ve reviewed, there are some really great options that manage to largely overcome these potential negatives.

6 Reasons to get a Narrow Walker – Infographic

6 Reasons to get a Narrow Walker infographic

Wrapping Up

There you have it — our picks of the best narrow walkers for seniors. As for which product you should choose, this really comes down to you and how you’ll be using the walking aid. As a general guide:

  • If you’re looking for the smallest and lightest walker that folds down to about the size of two canes, then the Able Life is the best choice.
  • For those wanting a full-featured rollator with a smaller footprint than normal, then you should go for the Drive Medical.
  • Or if you’re on a budget and can get by with a basic walker, then you might want to check out the Vive.

Happy walking!

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