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Lightweight Walkers

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Looking for the best lightweight walker? We researched more than 24 different walkers and rollators and compared them side-by-side before choosing the top 5 to review in-depth.

Our research uncovered tons of useful information you can use to make an informed decision. And we found four critical factors you need to consider before purchase to ensure you get the best product for your situation.

Whether you’re looking for a primary “go everywhere” walker, or want a secondary walker to use around the home or when traveling, this article will help you make the right choice and get you an ultra-lightweight walker with maximum functionality.

In a hurry or don’t feel like reading? Our #1 pick is the Able Life Space Saver — it combines style, functionality, ultra-lightweight, and is one of the cheapest walkers in our review. For a good travel walker Click here to check it out on Amazon.

lightweight walkers

Our Top Lightweight Walker Picks

We spent countless hours researching walkers and rollators that claimed to be lightweight. Many were much heavier than advertised. Some looked good in photos but were flimsy and unstable in real life. But a few ticked all the right boxes and warranted an in-depth look.

Here are our top 5 picks:

We go into detail on each of these below…

Best Lightweight Walkers for Seniors

Able Life Space Saver

Able Life Space Saver Walker Ultra Lightweight Front-Wheel Walker

The Space Saver from Able Life gets our highest recommendation in this review by impressing us with its overall build quality, weight, and tiny folded size.

Claimed to be the “world’s most portable walker”, this model folds down to an impressively small 4 inches wide / 7 inches diameter. This makes it small enough to sit on the front seat of your car and will fit comfortably in the overhead compartment of a standard airplane.

Even more remarkable is that this ultra lightweight walker can remain standing while folded, so it will tuck neatly behind your chair in a restaurant or beside you wherever you are seated, without ever getting in the way.

At just 7.5 pounds this is one of the lightest walkers on the market (it can be handled by a small child with ease) while still supporting up to 400 pounds, the highest weight capacity of all the walkers we looked at for this article.

This rollator walker is a good choice for a second “travel” walker. It is definitely a good lightweight walker for seniors.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs just 7.5 pounds
  • Folds down to an impressively small 4-inches wide!
  • Side-to-side folding.
  • Stays standing while folded.
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Large 6-inch wheels roll smoothly.
  • Stylish design available in 3 colors. (Black walnut, cobalt blue, and regal rose.)

What could be improved:

  • Small storage pouch is an optional extra.
  • As it’s a standard walker there is no seat.

Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator

Drive Medical Four Wheel Aluminum RollatorBargain Lightweight Rollator

Drive Medical once again feature in our “best in class” reviews with their Aluminum model, available in red and blue. It really is a fine lightweight walker with seat.

Weighing in at 14 pounds (not 5.41 pounds as listed on some websites) this is one of the lightest fully-featured rollators we’ve found. It comes complete with 7.5in wheels, locking brakes, a seat with padded backrest, and a tidy little storage compartment.

Folding this compact walker is as simple as pulling up on the shoulder strap, and it flops back open as soon as you set it down. You do have to remove any items from the storage compartment before folding, but other than that we found it folds smoothly and easily.

The only challenge we had was due to the fact the rollator walker doesn’t lock in the folded position. So when you’re getting it out of the car it has a tendency to want to flop open. We ended up using a small bungee cord to secure it folded when traveling.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs only 14 pounds 
  • Seat with padded backrest.
  • Zippered storage compartment under the seat.
  • 300 pounds weight capacity.
  • Large 7.5 inch castor wheels suitable for most terrain.
  • Bargain price for a fully featured lightweight rollator.

What could be improved:

  • Seat is quite high at 23 inches and might not be suitable for shorter people.
  • Feels a little flimsy when supporting close to the maximum rated 300 pounds
  • Does not stay in the folded position.

Nova GetGo Petite

NOVA GetGo Petite PinkDiminutive Rollator For Smaller People

If you’re under 5’5″ and want one of the lightest four wheel rollators money can buy, then the GetGo Petite from Nova stands head and shoulders above the rest.

At just 13 pounds and is a narrow walker 22 inches wide it’s in the featherweight class and we found it significantly easier to maneuver than larger walkers. Combined with the “lock-n-load” function that lets you lock the walker in the folded position it makes lifting the walker in and out of the car a breeze.

The other thing we really liked about this model is the high quality locking brakes with “feather touch” that only require light pressure to apply.

Everything else is of the high standard we’ve come to expect from Nova: comfortable seat with adjustable backrest, large 6-inch wheels, storage compartment with pouch for phone and keys etc. Overall it is a good lightweight walker with seat.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs only 13 pounds
  • Designed specifically for people under 5’5″.
  • Locks when folded so it’s easy to transport.
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Good size storage under the seat.
  • 6-inch rubber wheels roll smoothly and silently.
  • Just 22 inches wide so will fit through narrow doorways.
  • Snazzy pink color stands out among all the standard red, blue, and black walkers.

What could be improved:

  • Needs some assembly when you first get it.

Drive Medical 3-Wheel Rollator

Drive Medical Three Wheel RollatorLight Three Wheeler

Weighing a very light 11 pounds without the basket and tray — and just 14 lbs when fully loaded — this 3-wheeler from Drive Medical is a zippy little unit.

Our favorite feature of this model is the side-to-side folding action. With one hand you are able to unlock the walker and make it narrower. Perfect for navigating busy restaurants or narrow passages. And when fully compacted it will fit on the floor of a Mini Cooper.

For such a slight frame you get more storage than on most walkers. It comes standard with a large pouch, front basket, and handy top tray. More than enough room for a small grocery shop, personal items, and lunch! However, the basket can be a little tricky to attach and must be removed to fold the walker. So keep that in mind when thinking about how you’ll use your walker.

But overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight three wheel walker then this one is hard to beat.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs just 11 lbs without the basket and tray! (Approximately 14 lbs when fully loaded.)
  • Large 7.5in castor wheels.
  • Side-to-side folding action
  • Storage! Basket, tray, and carrying pouch all included.
  • 300 lbs weight capacity.
  • Easy one-hand folding.

What could be improved:

  • No seat because it is a 3-wheeler.
  • The basket has to be removed to fold the walker.
  • Has to be assembled when you first get it.

Stander EZ Rollator

Stander EZ RollatorCompact Travel Rollator

If you’re looking for the ultimate four wheel rollator to travel with, the Stander EZ Rollator is one of the newest and most compact on the market.

The lightweight aluminum frame weighs just 13.5 lbs, and the entire unit comes in at only 15 lbs with all the storage accessories attached. So it’s light enough for most seniors to lift into a car without any trouble. But it still feels very sturdy and well-made. It rolls smoothly and the brakes work well with just a light pressure.

The Stander EZ Rollator uses our preferred side-to-side folding action and compresses down to just 10 inches wide and 13 inches deep. And best of all, it stays standing while folded making it one of the best lightweight folding walkers for seniors. This is such a handy feature that I wish more walkers and rollators would employ.

The main downside to this model is the seat. There’s no sugar coating it, the seat is tiny at only 4 inches deep, and it’s pretty uncomfortable. It will do the job to take some weight off your feet for a few minutes while you’re out and about, but it’s really not designed for anything more than that.

Now, if you’re thinking the Stander EZ Rollator looks a little bit like a four wheel version of the Able Life Space Saver that was our top pick in this review, you’re spot on. Stander and Able Life sell many of the same products under their own brand names. However at least for now, the rollator version is exclusive to Stander.

Why we love it:

  • Weighs just 13.5 pounds! (15 lbs with all accessories.)
  • Stays standing when folded.
  • No assembly required.
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Good size 6 inch wheels roll smoothly.
  • Locking brakes with reversible brake pads.
  • Basket and pouch provide adequate storage while traveling.
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

What could be improved:

  • Seat is quite small and only suitable for short sits. Some people may find it a little awkward or uncomfortable because it is very narrow at only 4in deep.
  • The handles don’t adjust as high as the 2-wheel version.

What To Look For In A Lightweight Walker


Obviously weight is going to be one of the main considerations when you’re looking for a lightweight walker. While there is no strict definition of what’s considered “lightweight” — we’re mostly looking at the relative weight compared to other products on the market — we found in practical everyday use anything around 15 pounds or less is light enough for most seniors to handle without too many problems.

However there are some featherweight options that come in significantly below this, most notably the Able Life and Drive Medical Aluminum models, which both tip the scales around 8 pounds. So if 15 pounds is too much for you to comfortably lift, or if you just want the lightest possible walker mobility aid, then these are going to be your best bet.

Folded & Expanded Size

If travel and portability are the the main reasons you want a lighter rollator walker then the folded size of the unit can become a make-or-break factor in your decision. Likewise, a walker will get little use if you can’t navigate it easily through the most common places you travel.

Carefully think about how and where you’re going to be using the walker and be sure to measure the inner dimensions of any place you plan on storing or transporting it.

For example, you might want to check the rolling walker will fit comfortably:

  • In the trunk or backseat of your car.
  • In your bathroom.
  • Through all common doors in your house.
  • Goes through any tight spaces.
  • Between furniture in your home.


Weight is one thing but just as important is the overall functionality of your mobility walker. There’s no point having the lightest rolling walker on the market if it doesn’t suit your personal needs.

Some things you’ll want to consider here include:

  • Walker or Rollator — Do you only need a standard walker (with or without wheels) or a fully functional four wheel rollator with a seat?
  • Folding action — does the walker fold down back to front or side to side? How easy is it to fold up and down?
  • Wheel size and tyre material — are they suitable for where you need to travel?
  • Weight capacity — can the walker support your weight?
  • Storage — do you need storage for personal items or a full day shopping trip?

Different Types of Walkers – Infographic

 reasons to use a cane infographic

In most cases you’ll find there is not one rolling walker that can do everything you need perfectly. Some are better suited to travel or short trips, while others are best for long days and constant use.

Many people find to get the best of both worlds they will invest in two walkers – one lightweight minimalistic walker and another fully-featured wheeled rollator. Yes, it may cost a little more in the beginning. But when you factor in the added mobility and convenience you get it’s a small price to pay.

Handle Height

Finally, to get maximum support, comfort, and safe use of the walker, you need to ensure the handles adjust to fit your measurements. If the handles are too low you’ll be hunched over and put too much weight on the walker, potentially causing it to tip over. Too high and you won’t have enough support.

Some manufactures focus on user height to determine a good fit, however handle height is the more important measurement because this determines the ergonomics of how you interact with the walker.

To fit yourself for a walker it’s as simple as measuring the distance from the crease in your wrist down to the floor. Make sure you’re wearing your normal walking shoes and stand naturally with your arms at your sides! This measurement (in inches) is where the handles of your walker should be adjusted to.

In Summary…

That concludes our review of the best lightweight walkers for seniors. As you can see there are some really good products available in this category and you can’t go too far wrong with any of the models we’ve looked at.

As always, the main factor in your decision is going to be you and your unique use-case.

Happy walking!

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