How Much Does A Rollator Weigh?

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When dad and I initially started shopping for a rollator, one of the first questions I asked was “how much do these rolling walkers weigh?”. Some of them look pretty heavy and I was afraid dad wasn’t going to be able to lift it. Here’s what we found…

Standard three and four wheel rollators typically weigh between 15 and 18 pounds. Lightweight models can be found anywhere from 13 to 15 pounds. Heavy duty walkers tend to weigh more because of their reinforced parts and are usually around 20 to 25 pounds. Upright walkers can weigh anywhere from 15 to 23 pounds depending on the model.  

Read on to see a full list of popular rollators ranked by weight, discover the lightest rollator we’ve ever found (and why it’s not the right choice for most people), and find out which is the most heavy duty rollator money can buy.

How Much Does A Rollator Weigh?

Popular Rollator Weights Compared

To give you a better idea of exactly how much the average rollator weighs, we’ve put together this handy table with 13 of the most popular rollators ranked by weight:


Weight (lbs)

Further Details

Nova GetGo Petite



Stander EZ Rollator



Drive Medical Aluminum



Drive Medical 3 Wheel



Upwalker Lite



Foldable Rollator (Tall)



Nova Traveler 3 Wheel



Drive Medical Nitro



Elenker Euro Style Upright



Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro

Heavy Duty





Nova Mighty Mack

Heavy Duty


Medline Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty


Fun fact: The average weight of the 13 rollators we compared in the table above is 17.99 lbs.

What Makes A Walker Lightweight?

There’s no standardized measurement for classifying a walker as either “normal” or “lightweight”, but in our research and testing we’ve found anything under 15-pounds can be considered a lightweight walker.

The main factors that determine how much a walker will weigh are:

  • Frame Material – Lightweight models are usually made from aluminum or carbon fibre. Heavier walkers are often made from steel.
  • Frame Size – The smaller the overall size of the walker the less materials are used and the lighter it will be.
  • Wheel Size – Smaller wheels weigh less, but they also give worse performance and are more likely to get stuck on obstacles. Larger wheels roll smoother but weigh more.
  • Features & Accessories – Anything you add to the basic rollator frame will add weight. This includes things such as a seat, storage basket, personal item pouch, food tray,  cup, cane, and umbrella holders.
  • Component Material – Everything else that goes into making the walker; including the brakes, brake cables, hand grips, nuts and bolts etc. Individually each of these doesn’t make a huge difference, but when combined, lower quality components can add up to significant weight increases.

What Is The Lightest Weight Rollator?

We recently did an exhaustive review of the Best Lightweight Walkers For Seniors and the lightest rollator we found was the Nova GetGo Petite, weighing in at a featherweight 13 pounds! However the GetGo is not for everyone because it is specifically designed for people under 5’5″. Great for the shorter ladies but a little too small for most men and taller women.

Overall our favourite lightweight rollator is the Stander EZ Compact Travel Rollator which weighs just 14 pounds and is suitable for most people from 5’0″ up to 6’3″.

Of course, while there are many reasons to choose a light walker over a heavy one, weight should only be one factor you consider when choosing a walker. Other important factors include the weight capacity of the walker (ensuring it is sturdy enough to support your full weight), how and where you plan on using the walker, the width and folded size of the walker, and the handle height adjustment options.

Check out our Rollator Buyers Guide for a complete list of what you need to consider before making a purchase.

Which Is The Most Heavy-Duty Rollator?

Sometimes the weight of the walker is of little concern and you just want a walker with the largest weight capacity. While most regular walkers only support up to 300 lbs on average, some of the specialized heavy duty rollators are designed to handle up to 600 lbs.

Our favorite heavy duty walker — weighing 24 lbs with a weight capacity of 600 lbs — is the Nova Mighty Mack. You can read our full review at that link, but here’s the short version… We gave the Mighty Mack a 5-star review because it is built like a tank, has the most comfortable seat in it’s class, and frankly because it’s the only rollator we found that can handle these kind of loads.

Sure it weighs almost twice as much as a lightweight walker, but it has to in order to give heavy folks the support they need!

Why Do Upright Walkers Weigh More?

You might have noticed in our comparison table above that upright walkers tend to be a little heavier than other three and four wheel rollators. Why is this? The simple reason is because upright rollators have larger frames with arm rests that need to reach all the way up to your elbow height, rather than the smaller frames of normal rollators that only need to come up to wrist height. This requires more frame material and longer brake cables which both add weight.


There you have it, a quick summary of how much different types of rollators weigh. Remember, weight is only one factor when it comes to choosing the best walker for your situation. Make sure you do your research (or save time by reading one of our handing Buying Guides) and invest in a walker that is going to last a lifetime.


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