How Do I Change The Battery In My Mobility Scooter?

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If you need a new battery because your mobility scooter performance is deteriorating, and want to save money by doing the job yourself, then you’re in luck. We’ve investigated how to go about this and here’s everything you need to know.

Lift off the scooter seat, set it aside, and remove the locating pin that stayed behind. Loosen the screws holding the battery cover and take that off too. Remove the black wire from the battery terminal followed by the red one. Remove the strap holding the battery in position, and take the battery out. Install the new battery in the reverse order of what you just did.

Continue reading to learn how to do this in more detail. You’ll discover important safety tips and what to watch for while you do the job.

How to Change Mobility Scooter Batteries

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Purchase a new battery compatible with your mobility scooter

There are a number of different battery strengths and technologies on the market. You don’t need to worry too much over this. Your user manual will contain everything you need to know about battery capacity and size.

We don’t recommend you look for cheap alternatives. Your insurance – and your scooter battery warranty – may not cover you if a pirate battery fails. Avoid this by doing business with a reliable supplier you can trust.

Remove the Old Battery from the Mobility Scooter

A spent battery from a mobility scooter still contains as much as 80% of its original energy. This is sufficient to deliver a healthy shock, or a spark able to ignite flammable gas. Do not attempt to replace it yourself unless you are 100% confident of your ability. Don’t be afraid to ask an assistant to do the heavy lifting.

  • Move your mobility scooter to a place outside with ample fresh air
  • Wear rubber-sole shoes, rubber gloves and full eye protection
  • Remove the seat so you can work on the battery connections
  • Remove the seat locating pin and cover over the battery
  • Inspect the battery for any signs of cracks, leakage or other damage

Do not continue with your task if anything does not look right, or you smell toxic fumes. Please don’t take a chance. Call the company that maintains your mobility scooter and ask their advice. However, if you are confident all is in order, continue as follows:

  • Loosen off and remove the wire to the negative terminal first (black, look for negative symbol) to isolate it and avoid a possible short circuit.
  • Repeat the process with the wire to the positive terminal (red, look for positive symbol). Wrap something around this terminal to prevent accidental contact.
  • Loosen off, and remove the strap(s) holding the battery in position. Then remove the battery from the mobility scooter and set it down in a safe place.

Install the New Battery in the Mobility Scooter

Fitting the replacement is the reverse of the above process. Charge the battery fully. Then go for a ride in your mobility scooter to enjoy the fresh surge of power. If we elders could recharge ourselves that easily, life would be perfect, would it not?

Mobility Scooter – Infographic

 Mobility Scooter infographic

Load Up the Old Battery and Hand it In for Recycling

Don’t wrap the old battery in a cloth, or put it in a box. That’s because you want the recycling company to recognize it instantly. Don’t just leave it on the street either, because the neighbourhood kids could get hold of it.

Take it to an official recycling depot, and dispose it as per the instructions posted there. When you ride away again you’ll feel your spirits lightening. That’s because you did the right thing, and the materials in your battery will enjoy a second life.

You can see our detailed guide on how to dispose of mobility scooter batteries here.


When should a scooter battery be replaced?

A rechargeable scooter battery expends some of its useful life every time we discharge, and recharge it. Hence, its lifespan depends on its owner’s lifestyle, not a certain number of calendar years.

It could be time to replace a mobility scooter battery when the scooter’s performance is sluggish, or it hesitates before speeding up, or it needs recharging more often. Check the warranty when this happens. If you are within the period you may qualify for a new battery free!

Can you use a car battery on a mobility scooter?

Yes you can, subject a few restrictions. The description on the side of it must match the specification in the scooter owner manual. The battery must fit neatly and safely under the seat. And the battery connections must match the cables in the scooter.

How do you take the seat off a mobility scooter?

Details may vary slightly between makes and models but the principles are the same. However, please don’t attempt this unless you are confident of your strength. Ask an assistant to lift the seat lever, and lift the seat free at the same time. Then remove the seat post, and rear cover to access the batteries.

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