Types of Canes

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Canes come in many different shapes and sizes depending on their particular function. We list out several different types of canes and explain some of their uses below. Do you see any in the list that you have never seen before?

History of Canes

Historically, in the early 17th century some European gentlemen started using a rigid stick replacing the common sword. Initially, it was used for self-defense purposes. Around this time, the American settlers used canes to display their refinement, status and wealth in society. Since then, it has become a tradition among European elites’ to carry a rigid walking stick as an accessory. The cane at that time had a grip handle more similar to that of a sword than what we know of a cane handle today. We now see a more extensive range of cane varieties. Some canes and walking sticks are used to climb mountains. They are used in exercise and to do outdoor sports activities. In some of the orthodox religious practices, it is carried by the priests and nuns. Some canes are simply carved sticks, while others are adorned with gems and command very high prices. These exclusive models are made out of precious metals and jewels, displaying the highest quality of craftsmanship. Some canes come with different accessories from powerful grip holders, metallic cleats, rubber tip and hand straps to name a few. Oh, did we mention that sometimes they are actually used as assistive devices?

Types of Canes 

Canes are made from a wide variety of materials and also come in many different shapes and sizes. You may be of a more practical sort and choose a conservative straight forward design. On the other hand your personality may better express itself with a Lion’s or Eagle’s Head handle. There are many different types of canes, designed to address a particular usage or function. Canes are placed into different categories based on the number of legs, accessories, and fittings they have. Some of the different types of canes are listed below. 

  • Standard Cane (Single Point or Straight Cane)

These are the most commonly used canes worldwide. They are usually made of aluminum or wood and are economical to buy. They are prescribed mostly for people who need light support to improve their mobility. 

  • Offset Cane

These are also single type canes with mainly “J” shaped handles designed to relieve the discomfort of the wrist. The user is able to more fully rest their weight over the walking cane as compared to a straight cane.

  • Multiple-Point Cane

This type of cane has multiple legs which allow more grip on the ground. These canes are used for complex purposes that require more rigid support and stability. 

These can further be divided into:

  •  3 point cane (tripod cane): these have a tripod or three legs at the lower end of the cane for more balance and support. 
  •  4 point cane (quad cane) These have four legs at the distal end and are usually prescribed to patients with more complex disabilities and walking disorders. This cane design forces the user to move more slowly but provides firm support compared to the other cane types. This cane can also stand without the support of a hand which could come in handy.
  • Strongarm Comfort Cane

The innovative design of the strongarm comfort cane shifts the weight from the wrist to the forearm which gives you more stability and control. It is a lightweight, adjustable cane that has an ergonomically designed hand and forearm grip. This increases the walking confidence in the user because of this superior design. The Strongarm Comfort cane goes a long way to take away the pain and strain of traditional cane use.

(Play the video below to see this cane in use. The video has no sound.)

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW3X3F1-oCs” responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”]

Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check the item’s availability and price.

  • Folding Cane

These lightweight collapsible canes are widely appreciated because they can be easily folded and are very convenient while traveling. A folding cane can be used both indoors and outdoors as well.

  • Seat Cane

These are also referred to as walking seat cane or folding seat cane, and as the name says, this cane serves a dual purpose of being a cane and a convenient seat in one. Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check the item’s availability and price.

  • White Cane

A white cane is a walking aid used by blind or visually impaired people. Its white color help nearby people identify the person as being visually impaired. It allows the user to scan the surrounding area for orientation objects or obstacles.

7 Benefits of a White Cane – Blind & Visually Impaired (Video)

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NTmBHLsI6w” responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”]

  • Green Cane

Some countries make a distinction between someone who is slightly visually impaired and someone who is completely blind. They would then require a completely blind person to use a white cane and have people with low vision use a green cane.

  • Crook Cane

Traditionally the crook cane has been carried by European shepherds. These are named because of the crook style handle of the cane. Today ,these canes are made of carbon fiber which makes them more durable and lighter. Crook canes are one of the luxurious canes available in the online market such as Amazon. Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check the item’s availability and price.

  • T-handle Cane

The T-handle cane is perhaps the oldest variety of cane in use today. This handle shape makes it feel more satisfying to hold and gives a higher feeling of safety when used. Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check the item’s availability and price.

  • Fritz Cane

This is certainly one of the most stylish canes. The Fritz cane below can support a person up to 250 pounds and is designed for everyday use. Click on the image below to go to Amazon and check the item’s availability and price.

Types of Canes – Infographic

 types of canes infographic

In Conclusion 

There truly is a cane for every need and personality as well. We hope that this overview explaining the different types of canes was informative and helpful.

Now that you have picked out the perfect cane click here to explore an article explaining how to use it.

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