Upright Walker Commercial [UP Walker Video As Seen On TV]

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If you’ve seen the UPWalker TV commercial you’re probably interested in learning more about these new upright walkers and the potential benefits they have for elderly people with mobility issues.

In case the commercial went by too fast and you didn’t catch the entire thing we’ve uploaded the video here for you to watch it whenever you like. We’ve also included a transcript so you can read along at your own pace.

If you’d like to see current pricing on the UPWalker and UPWalker Lite, plus see what real users have to say, then you can check them out on Amazon here:

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UPWalker Video Transcript

Introducing the original UP Walker, the revolutionary new alternative to old-fashioned walkers and canes. The UP Walker is a safer, more secure way to get you up and walking and out of the house.

You walk totally upright. You don’t walk with humped over shoulders.

“Keeps me more erect. It takes a lot of pressure off my back and my knees and my ankles. It’s a lot of less pain, so it makes me wanna get out.”

The UP Walker is revolutionary. A walker has the patient in the hunched over position, whereas when you have the UP walker, you’re able to walk upright and get a normal gait because your balance is there.

The UP Walker gives you increased stability, so there’s less risk of falling.

“I had a fear of her falling. She had a fear of falling. So with the UP Walker, we’ve eliminated that fear.”

The UP Walker is light weight, so it’s easy to lift and maneuver through doors.

“When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I felt like I was trapped in my own house, but now with the UP Walker, it gives me the freedom to do what I wanna do.”

The UP Walker easily folds, adjusts to your height, and features ergonomic hand breaks, a sliding seat, padded sit-to-stand handles, and sturdy eight inch wheels that glide over a variety of terrains. Just call or visit tryupwalker.com, and for a limited time, you’ll receive free shipping plus a free beverage holder, free backrest, and free carrying bag. That’s over $100 in total combined savings. Your UP Walker is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and comes fully assembled, so whatever your mobility issue try the UP Walker today.

“It’s brought Mary’s smile back again. And when she smiles, I smile.”

“It gets me out of the house. I feel free again. I feel alive again. I love it.”

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