Beyour Walker Upright Rollator Review 2019

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“Good Value Euro-Style Upright Walker”

Beyour Upright Walker Review

Our Rating:

Price: (Click here to check price on Amazon.)
Pros: Budget friendly. Relatively lightweight. Sturdy and nimble.
Cons: Poor performance on rough surfaces. Not good for tall people. Awkward to travel with.
Best For: You’re on a budget and need a basic upright walker with a seat.
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In a hurry or don’t feel like reading? The Be Your Upright Walker represents good value for money, is light and solidly built, however overall it performed a little worse in our tests than we would have liked. Click here to check it out on Amazon.


Beyour Upright Walker The Beyour Upright Walker earned an honorable mention in our 2019 top upright walkers review because of its low price, stylish black and white looks, and good overall build quality. However, we did find it’s not particularly well suited for people over 6 feet tall or those who travel often. And it performs rather poorly on bumpy outdoor terrain. But if those issues don’t concern you then it delivers a lot of bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, the Beyour is often out of stock as the manufacturer is obviously struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for upright walkers. If this model is not available at the time you are reading this then the Elenker Upright Walker is an excellent substitute.

  • Value
  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Weight




  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Product Weight: 18 lbs
  • Handle Height Adjustment: 39″ – 44″
  • Approximate User Height: 5’1″ – 6′
  • Overall Width: 24″
  • Overall Length: 28″
  • Width Between Handles: 18″
  • Storage Bag Dimensions: 15.4″W x 3.8″D x 11.8″H
  • Seat Height: 22″
  • Seat Dimensions: 18″W x 10″L
  • Wheel Size: 8″
  • Folded Dimensions: 28″L x 39″H x 12″W

Our Analysis

Beyour Walker are relatively new to the mobility market, with just two products making up their entire product line. From what we can tell they are another Chinese manufacturer selling directly on Amazon and aiming for the budget end of the market. So far the feedback on their products has been quite positive, other than some specific issues which we will look at more closely in this review.

Design & Style

While the design of the Beyour is rather basic — and very similar to the Elenker — the simple black and white color scheme is quite nice and gives it a rather classy look.

However, the exposed brake cables are a design pet-peeve of mine and do present a tripping hazard. It’s finished off with some fairly cheap-looking components including a bag, PVC wheels, hand grips, and armrests.

Hardly a design contest winner but it’s simple and functional which is all you can really ask considering the price.

On The Road

Indoors the Beyour Walker performed quite well, rolling smoothly over the carpet in our bedroom just as easily as the tiles in the kitchen. Transitions between floor surfaces were also not a problem. It’s fitted with 8-inch PVC wheels which, while rather cheap-looking, are perfectly adequate for indoor use.

Outdoors, however, was a different story. We had high hopes for the Beyour but it really struggled in our outdoor testing. It started off quite well, handling the flat carpark and smooth concrete of the mall with ease. But any sign of a bump, rock, or large crack soon became a reason to be concerned. The walker would either get stuck on the obstacle or if forced, want to tip forward.

Overall it felt very sturdy and confidence-inspiring, just as long as you keep it on generally smooth and flat surfaces.


Thanks to its relatively lightweight frame and simple design, the Beyour is easy to push, turn, and zip around the house. We sometimes found the position of the seat meant your knees would gently bump into the fabric when walking, but this wasn’t a big deal and we adjusted easily.

Like all upright walkers, you do need to be aware of your surrounds and watch out for obstacles, because the higher centre of gravity with these walkers means there is a possibility of “going over the handlebars” if you try to force it over terrain it was not designed for.

Weight & Folded Size

Weighing in at just 18-pounds, the Beyour Upright is smack in the middle of the average weight for rollators. Not technically lightweight, but not heavy either.

Most seniors won’t have any problems using this walker on a day-to-day basis. However, lifting and transporting the walker may be an issue if you are a little smaller or weaker than average.

Folding the unit down is another area where we were a little disappointed. When folded, it measures 12-inches wide, 28-inches long, and 39-inches high, making it rather large and cumbersome to transport. Not unmanageable, just a little awkward unless you have a large car or truck.

You can pull the walker apart further and disassemble the arms, and for the odd trip, this would not be a problem, but would quickly become annoying if you had to do it on a daily basis.


The seat on the Beyour Walker is OK but certainly could be improved. The main issue we had with the seat is the general sitting position you are put in. You’re kinda wedged in between the handles of the walker. And while the seat itself is a decent size, measuring 18-inches wide and 10-inches deep, it feels much smaller than this because of the cramped position.

And with no sit-to-stand handles or anything on the walker to easily grip on to, standing up can be a bit tricky, especially if you have trouble getting up without assistance. We’d always rather have a seat than not, but if you’re planning on sitting for long periods or could use the help of sit-to-stand handles then the UPWalker Lite is probably a better fit for you.


Large 8-inch wheels are fitted on all four corners of the Beyour. This has fast become the standard size for quality rollators because of their improved overall performance. Unfortunately, they are made from a fairly low-quality PVC material which is only really suitable for flat and smooth surfaces. They are fine for cruising around the house or a trip to the mall but can struggle when the terrain becomes more challenging than this.


Dual-lock loop brakes are fitted to each of the handles of the Beyour Upright Walker. You push the levers forward to apply the park brake and lock the walker. And you pull the levers towards you to apply the normal brakes to slow down and control the speed of the walker. In our testing they worked perfectly fine.


Storage is another area we’d like to see improved on this walker. On the plus side, you get a cane holder on the side of the frame and a good size storage bag attached to the front of the walker. The bag measures 15.4-inches wide, 11.8-inches tall, and 3.8-inches deep. This large enough to carry most of the personal items you’d need for a short trip out and about. Unfortunately, the position of the bag (in front and down low on the walker) makes it rather difficult to access.

Build Quality

Overall the quality of the Beyour is quite good, especially considering the price and how it compares with other products in the upright walker category. The frame feels strong and is made of high-quality aluminum. But the other components, such as the bag, armrests, and handles, are obviously made to a budget and feel a little cheap.

What We Liked

  • Competitively priced
  • Similar features to more expensive upright walkers
  • Relatively lightweight at only 18 lbs
  • Easy to walk with and manoeuvers well
  • Solid build quality feels sturdy when walking

What Could Be Improved

  • Not good for tall people (Over 6′)
  • Can be awkward to disassemble for travel
  • Seat has no sit-to-stand handles to help you get up
  • Poor outdoor performance


Overall the Beyour Walker is a good value upright walker for elderly people who are 6-foot tall or under. You get solid build quality, relative lightweight, and ease of maneuverability all wrapped up in an inexpensive package.

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